About us

About Scandinavian Second Hand

Our online store was established in 2017 and from the very beginning we focused mainly on the export and international sale of gently used clothes from well-known Scandinavian brands. We focus on exceptional quality and high level of customer service in addition, we try to spread the idea of putting second hand clothes back into the market in order to help protect the environment.

When buying a new clothes, you support the entire production process which can hurt the natural enviroment. 

Another advantage of buying second hand clothes is that every piece we offer is 100% unique, we do not have two identical pieces and we have over 17,000 of them, in addition, the price of gently used clothes of well-known brands is much more affordable.

Our team

We are a young tean full of passion towards promoting gently used clothes to protect the environment and make a difference to the world. In our store it is not only important for us to sell the products but also to build the awareness of customers that they can also protect the natural enviroment by just switching their habits and buying clothes that were already produced.